Universes vs. Timelines Edit

Timelines are basically synonymous to universes, but for the purposes of the narrative and the sake of clarity, Universes will denote all the collective timelines/alternate dimensions/etc., while Timelines will denote the ones that are most immediate to the story. For example, there are timelines named Prime III and Terra VI, but they won't be immediately important to the main story; therefore, they will be referred to as Universes. All are numbered using Roman numerals.

Universes Edit

There are at least six known types of universes: Arcadia, Prime, Praxis, Axis, Terra, and Nova.

Arcadia Edit

The original source of all time. The main timeline, where humanity was unified and time and space was in perfect harmony. A sudden, almost catastrophic event, known as the Inceptor, caused Arcadia to split into 10 branches, known as Primes. The stuff of legends and myths.

Primes Edit

There are exactly 10 Prime universes. Primes are called Primes because they all share original source material; this is to say that all Primes come from a single timeline known as Arcadia. At an unknown point, called the Inceptor, Arcadia split into 10 branches, which are the Primes. The Infinitors (dimension and time cops, like the Interpol or Marines of time and space) originate from Prime I, and that is their home base/prison. Prime X is the focus of the main narrative.

Praxis Edit

Praxis, which means "process" in Greek, are timelines that split from Primes early on in the timelines, and they're the standard "bad life choices" times. They are the result of making a wrong or bad choice, which split the times and led to times that are less advanced technologically and politically. Always trying to play catch up to Primes, they have inferiority complexes and huge class divisions. Most do possess Kronos and Finitors, but not all. There are at least hundreds of known Praxis times, such as Praxis V and Praxis LII, but the actual number of Praxis times is pretty much outside of human comprehension. Praxis times that split off of Primes are usually numbered I-L, while Praxis times that split off from other Praxis branches are numbered LI-C. Like Axis numbering, a Praxis XX from Prime VII isn't the same as a Praxis XX from Prime IV.

Axis Edit

Axis timelines are the tipping points, and they are the result of time-travellers (Chronos or Kronos) that have tampered with a past event in a Prime timeline. Can also come from the tampering of a Praxis timeline, but these are more rare and tend to die out really quickly. These run parallel to Prime lines, which make it easy for Proorizos and Finitors to jump between an Axis and a Prime timeline. The Butterfly Mandate was created by Infinitors, whose home time (Prime I) was pretty much destroyed and made a wasteland by allowing too many Axis timelines to branch out. Axis timelines are numbered based on their timeline; this means that Prime II, which may have four Axis timelines, will number them as Axis I, Axis II, Axis III, etc. but Prime V may also have four Axis timelines, which will also be numbered as Axis I, Axis II, etc. The Axis I from Prime II is not the same as Axis I from Prime V.

Terras and Novas Edit

Terra times and Nova times are timelines that are the result of some apocalyptic event, and usually branch from Axis and Praxis times. Very unstable times, they can be very highly advanced technologically, but tend to be lawless, poisonous, and very dangerous; thus, they are illegal and highly forbidden to Proorizos and Finitors alike. Infinitors usually avoid them too, but will visit them if necessary, for official reasons only (like a wanted Proorizo traveling there or one of their Proorizos jumping to another timeline). Terras are distinctly subterranean survivalists, who have taken refuge beneath the earth after the fallout of whatever the catastrophic event was from that timeline. Novas are those who have taken to the stars to escape the fallout. They are very unstable and are prone to collapse.

Timelines Edit

There are at least four to five separate Timelines that are central to the narrative, although the title - Infinitum - suggests that there is an innumerable amount of universes and alternate timelines.

Prime X Edit

Prime X is a main branch that - like all other Primes - stems from the Inceptor. Prime X is our current timeline, with all the same historical points and times, but it is also projected far enough into the future to anticipate the creation of Kronos, Chronos, Proorizos, and Finitors. Derick Stern is from Prime X in the year 3016

Praxis V Edit

Praxis V is a Praxis that branched from Prime X and was among one of the first Praxis times that was discovered by Prime X. Praxis V is seen briefly in Anwylyd, where there is a war between Demutares and Morphos. Incept of Marie Renaud, Cobalt Lucas, Aoife Kilkenny, and Lesdi Abeng-Okrofi.

Axis I Edit

Created by the Krono Derick Stern, who violated the Butterfly Mandate by becoming too entrenched in his station during WWII and by saving the life of Ruth Kruckel, whose suicide made a huge difference in the outcome of the war in Poland. The first and only known Axis of Prime X.

Praxis XXI Edit

A Praxis that branches off from Prime IX, it is fairly close to Praxis V from Prime X and is the new home time for the Metas from Anwylyd.

Praxis LII Edit

Possible Incept for Gareth Laugharne.