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Marie Renaud/Marguerite Villeneuve Edit

Dr. Marie Renaud is a world-renowned psychiatrist from France in Praxis V of Prime X, and a talented Metatropi with the ability to manipulate the elements, although her primary element of choice is liquids, particularly freezing water. Marie is in her early thirties and became a Meta in her early twenties after being a victim of a Demutare bombing at the Royal Opera House in London, England. Marie is given to alcoholism, especially when she is under a great deal of stress. She is very self-aware of her flaws, but rather than working towards better habits, she continues her self-destructive behaviors and uses them for research. She is fiercely protective of her family, and loves very passionately. She is still grieving the loss of Charlton Blaidd-Drwg, even though Gareth Laugharne is technically the same person. She has pink scars on her cheeks and her temples, as a result of her tears freezing to her skin at the end of Anwylyd. In Herzschmerz, she's much more caustic and biting, and very distant from Gareth, although she does like him in her own way. She still blames him for his role in the deception and death of Char.

As Marguerite Villeneuve, she is a cocky twenty-one year old who wants to prove herself. Her childhood friend is one Jennifer Thorne, who is engaged to Gareth Laugharne. Jennifer is a brilliant engineer, and her older sister, Elaine, introduced her genius little sister to her boss, the business magnate Gareth. Marguerite didn't meet Gareth until after he and Jen had become engaged, and although there was instant chemistry between the two, they were unable to hurt Jen in order to act upon the palpable tension between them. Marguerite is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has a noticeable Cajun accent. She is dating her friend, Lucien Belmont, who is a native of New York and an enforcer for the Mob. She attends Georgia Tech, where she is double majoring in Psychology and International Affairs, although she originally planned to be an Industrial Engineer. She volunteers to be a test subject for Gareth and Jen's cutting-edge technological innovations, despite Jen and especially Gareth's misgivings. She is the pilot of the Reverie, and was one of the test subjects that was injected with hallucinogens prior to the experiment. While this was technically supposed to be a blind, random assignment, Jen intentionally set it up so Marguerite's mind would be altered, because Jen found out about her and Gareth's feelings for each other and wanted to prevent them from going any further, even though they both refused to do so. As a result, Rachel was not administered her assigned dose, and her records were switched with Marguerite's. Marguerite then has to make the choice to either remain herself, or go back under to be Marie Renaud.

Charlton Blaidd-Drwg Edit

Charlton Blaidd-Drwg (better known as Char, also known as Gareth Laugharne and Alaric Reinhold) is a Welsh nurse who worked at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London in the Praxis V of Prime X. He was in his early to mid-forties at the time of his death; like Marie, he was a Meta, but his ability was to be a fifth dimensional being (like an Infinitor) who could travel through space and time. Char was the only other person, other than Gareth Laugharne, to be able to dimension jump and time travel without being an Infinitor. Char was very mysterious, despite the fact that he lived with Marie for about 10 years. She didn't even know what his Meta ability was until the events of Anwylyd. Char was very calm, even-keeled, and gentle, and he was a voracious reader. He would sometimes resort to reading Harlequin romances or rereading books he had already read, because reading acted as an anchor for him. He loved Marie and his family, and ended up sacrificing himself so that they would be safe. Char was more of the mother figure of the group, and was very practical and sensible. He saw himself as the same as Gareth Laugharne, which was his original birth name until he changed it to escape Morphos and to differentiate himself from the other Gareth. Unlike Gareth, Char was not born with his abilities; he gained them sometime in his teens, at the start of the Demutare War. How he got his abilities remains a mystery.

Lesedi Obeng-Akrofi Edit

Lesedi Obeng-Akrofi is another Meta and a member of the family created by Marie and Char. Les is in her early twenties and her Meta ability is mental manipulation, with a particular affinity for telepathy and suggestion. She is able to be telekinetic and can perform psychic sleights of hand, but for the most part she sticks with what she knows best. Les is from South Africa and is actually African, from the Tswana speaking area. Les is very mild-mannered, and somewhat shy, but extremely loyal and very nurturing. Les gets along very well with Aoife and is a calming force for her. Les doesn't talk much about her family or her people, but it is assumed that she was cast out after being tortured for being "possessed" when her Meta abilities manifested.

Cobalt Lucas Edit

Cobalt Lucas (aka Coby) is a sixteen year old American Meta and member of Marie and Char's family. Coby is easy-going, optimistic, and doesn't know how to shut up. He is a ball of unrestrained energy that manifests as flames if he doesn't run or work it off regularly. Coby's ability as a Meta is to shift from a solid state of matter to a plasma, although his shifting is very difficult to control. Coby has the ability to run at supersonic speeds and can reach the speed of light, although it's very dangerous for him to do so. He can also cause his atoms to vibrate at resonant frequencies and control other forms of plasma and solid state matter, although he's still unpracticed in most of these techniques. Coby is cheerful, effervescent, and mostly immature, but he is very reliable and can sometimes prove himself to be very mature and responsible. Coby's family kicked him out of his house when his Meta abilities manifested; he was only twelve. Coby is naturally the positive force of the family, although in very rare, private moments he can become overwhelmed and reveal his insecurities and anxieties. His main confidant was Char, and although he's a little wary of Gareth, he still trusts Gareth and likes him well enough. Despite the fact that he can create spontaneous combustions, Coby is notoriously cool-tempered during skirmishes and can demonstrate a frightening display of the magnitude of his abilities.

Aoife Kilkenny Edit

Aoife is a twelve year old Meta from Ireland, and is the youngest member of the Anwylyd family. Aoife is the most feared of all the Metas. Even though her abilities are fairly standard (superhuman strength), Aoife lacks the discernment that the older Metas have for when to use said abilities. Aoife has no qualms about using her ability to end an argument that she isn't winning and to throw tantrums that have disastrous results, which is very concerning for the safety and anonymity of the other Metas. She also possesses inhuman endurance, and can hold up under straining conditions for several hours, if not days. Aoife was an orphan in Dublin, discovered by Char and Marie shortly after they met. Aoife was a newborn abandoned on the steps of the orphanage, but the nuns knew something wasn't right with the child early on and tried to get her adopted as soon as possible. She was barely two years old when Char and Marie adopted her. It's possible that Aoife was the first and only Meta who was born with her abilities, which may have been genetic or developed in utero, but nobody knows for sure. Aoife doesn't care that Char and Marie are not her "real" parents, since they adopted her as a baby, and they are the only parents she has ever known. Aoife experiences a great deal of apathy, which prevents her from experiencing emotions normally and from dealing with negative emotions healthily, but Les understands her in a way no one else does (Les makes good use of her mental abilities to soothe Aoife and attempt to understand her). Char's death has deeply affected Aoife, even though she can't vocalize it or process it the same as the others, and she blames herself for being asleep and not defending him.

Herzschmerz Edit

Derick Stern/Rolf Morgenstern Edit

Derick Stern is a Krono from the Prime X timeline. Derick grew up in the Euro Federation, in what used to be Austria, in the distant future of our time (likely the early 31st century). Derick had a happy childhood with his sister, Hannah, and had an appreciation for history because Hannah was fascinated by the past. Derick became a police officer and Hannah became a history professor at a German university, where she met her husband, the Dean of Students. Derick was offered the opportunity to become Krono several times, but always rejected it because he wanted to be able to spend time with his sister, his nephew, and his parents; however, while he was on duty, he received a call that there had been a domestic disturbance at his parents' house. Derick was one of the first officers to the scene of the multiple homicide and suicide of his entire family. Hannah's husband had, for unknown reasons, murdered his wife, son, and in-laws, and then killed himself, with an antique pistol that was dated from WWII. Afterwards, Derick was not the same, and he joined to Kronos, where he specifically requested duty for the 1940's in the Euro Federation. His request was granted, and after being stationed in Poland, 1943, Derick began his own personal investigation into the weapon that was used to murder his family. During his unsanctioned investigation, Derick was called into question by a Gestapo, who believed him to be either insane or a lying Jew, either of which would mean imprisonment. Derick's presence, now noticed by other natives of the time, became an unstable force, and after pretending to be an SS officer, he was forced into battle and quickly promoted through the ranks until he received the rank of Sturmbannführer, and then he was assigned to be the Commandant of the Krakow-Plaszow Labor Camp. His promotion began the tipping point, which could have resulted in a Praxis timeline, except that he abused his position and visibility, and prevented the suicide of Ruth Kruckel in 1944. His meddling resulted in the creation of the Axis I, which is an open timeline that is highly unstable, and very vulnerable to Proorizos and other outside disturbances. Derick is a kind person at heart, but he believes himself to be a monster who is weak and violent. He regrets not protecting his family, and he hates himself for some of his actions during WWII that lead to his promotion. He pretends to not care that he disregarded the Butterfly Mandate, but it deeply disturbs him how much he has compromised his values in his pursuit of answers and perhaps revenge. Derick is very protective of those who are weak or powerless, and he falls in love with Ruth's inner strength in spite of her condition. Derick would do anything to protect Ruth, which results in some of his worst mistakes.

Derick is Rolf Morgenstern, husband to Rachel Morgenstern and a well-known detective for the Birmingham PD. He and his wife are invited to participate in the Astrum Infinitum Project, which they accept. Rolf's records are switched with Luc's, however, due to the jealous actions of Jen Thorne. Rolf awakens from piloting the Catechism with an identity crisis and firmly believes himself to be Derick Stern. Rachel is very supportive of him, however, and he even changes his name to Derick Morgenstern, just to better adjust. He and Rachel remain happily married and never pilot again, but they do keep in contact with Luc and Marguerite. They also share a grudging respect but mutual distaste for Gareth, particularly due to his psycho fiancée, manipulation, deception, and his treatment of Marguerite/Marie.

Ruth Kruckel/Rachel Morgenstern Edit

Ruth Kruckel is a nineteen year old Polish Jew imprisoned in the Krakow-Plaszow Concentration Camp in 1944. She attempts suicide, and is rescued by Derick Stern, whom she eventually falls in love with, even after discovering that Derick is from the future and he has created an alternate timeline in order to save her. Ruth has a bad leg, a result of contracting Polio as a child and having the bones shattered when a car ran over the leg after it became paralyzed while she was playing in the streets. Ruth is an orphan, a result of the concentration camps. Ruth is fiercely independent and does not trust others easily, and she is used to people saying one thing and meaning another. Derick is the first person she feels able to trust, which falters at the revelation of his origins and mistakes, but she finds that she is able to forgive him after meeting Gareth and Marie and witnessing the nature of their relationship. Ruth is a positive force in Derick's life and forces him to forgive himself and to let go of his hatred and pain over the deaths of his family. Ruth is not a Chrono, Krono, Proorizo, Finitor, Infinitor, or other alternate human, which makes it difficult for her to live, since she is a native of history. While her death isn't what is considered a fixed point in time, it is a demonstration of the Butterfly Mandate's efficacy, which was created based on chaos theory and the butterfly theory in particular. Ruth marries Derick and they conceive a child, although she ends up miscarrying during the events of the story. Ruth is a devout Jew, which Gareth finds amusing but respects. Ruth is very insightful and observant, and convinces Marie to reconsider her feelings about Gareth. Ruth's fate is unclear, due to her status, but in one timeline, she lives into old age with Derick and they have several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Ruth's birth name was Rivka, and when the war began she started going by the anglicized version of her name, Rebecca. Once she was captured, she again changed her name to Ruth, and that is her primary alias throughout most timelines.

Rachel Morgenstern is a successful detective for Birmingham PD alongside her husband, Rolf. They are invited to participate in SerenScape's virtual reality experiments due to their exceptional investigative skills and teamwork. However, their alternate timelines have unhappy elements, which actually brings them closer together as a couple. They become good friends with Marguerite and Luc after the trials, although Rachel and Marguerite are more close than Rolf and Luc are. Rachel is protective of Marguerite, especially after discovering that the alternate timelines they encountered during the simulation are in fact real times and places, where Gareth and Marguerite have unhappy outcomes most of the time. Rachel was originally supposed to pilot the L'etoile, but after Gareth used it, he decommissioned it and assigned her to the Tristesse, and she was originally supposed to be administered the drugs, but Jen, in a fit of pique, swapped Rachel and Marguerite's files. As a result, Rachel doesn't feel as attached to her identity as Ruth Kruckel as Marguerite does, but she does struggle afterwards, since Rolf was administered the drugs instead of Luc.

Edmund Hiedler Edit

Edmund is a classic yandere character. He is a nineteen year old soldier under the command of Derick Stern at the Krakow-Plaszow camp, where he meets Ruth and becomes obsessed with her. He is very jealous and creates a false romance in his head between himself and Ruth, which causes him to stalk her, fantasize about her, and to search for ways to separate Derick and Ruth, to the point of taking pictures of them during their wedding night to show to Derick's commanding officer in order to get Derick imprisoned or executed. Ned has major authority figure issues, and although he respects Derick, he also hates him for his confidence, rank, good looks, and the love of Ruth. It is later revealed that Edmund is a young Adolf Hitler from another timeline, and he plans to rise through the ranks, become a protégé of his alternate dimension self, who is currently in power and suddenly winning the war. He has a few moments of humanity, and his blind desire for Ruth is a sharp juxtaposition to Derick's love, as well as providing insight into his own damaged childhood that led to his inability to love normally or healthily. Overall, he's definitely the antagonist of the narrative.

Gareth Laugharne Edit

Also known as Alaric Reinhold, Charlton Blaidd-Drwg, and Gar-Bear, Gareth is a petty criminal who likely originated from Praxis LII of the Prime VII timeline, although nobody knows for sure. Gareth has been dimension jumping and time travelling for as long as he can remember, which means that he was likely born with his abilities. Gareth appears to be about the same age as Marie, although it's likely that he's centuries old, since he time travels so much that he doesn't even know how old he is anymore.

The Gareth Laugharne, CEO of SerenScape, is a different story altogether. A ruthless businessman, he met Marguerite Villeneuve through his fiancée, Jennifer Thorne, Marguerite's best friend. He immediately fell in love with Marguerite, but unwilling to sacrifice all of his hard work and his comfortable and loving relationship with Jen, he and Marguerite chose never to speak of or act upon their mutual passion. However, his longing for her inspired the creation of Astrum Infinitum, a popular alternate reality game that becomes reality when played with the Reverie, Requiem, Tristesse, Catechism, and L'etoile. The simulation allows pilots to enter into alternate dimensions, parallel universes, and even travel in time, and Gareth hoped through the creation of the game that he and Marguerite might be able to be together in another universe. By piloting the L'etoile before the official experiments, Gareth discovers that his and Marguerite's fates are just as unhappy, if not more tragic, than they are in his present circumstances. So he makes use of his newfound abilities to meddle with a couple universes and at least two of his alternate selves in order to arrange it so that he and Marguerite can be happy together. Jen discovers his actions and true feelings, and when Marguerite volunteers for the experiment, she switches the drug trials so that Marguerite experiences an identity crisis after piloting the Reverie. Gareth discovers Jen's deception and leaves her for endangering not only Marguerite, her friend, but also Luc, Rolf, and Rachel, who had nothing to do with Gareth and Jen's problems.


Eric St. Clair/Lucien Belmont Edit

Eric is Derick's partner and tech support from the 31st century. Eric monitors and guides Derick throughout his time jumps and missions. Eric is Derick's only friend on the Krono force, but when Derick stops his check-ins, mission reports, and Eric discovers inconsistencies in history, Eric has no choice but to report Derick to upper command. Upper command goes through the official channels and alerts the Infinitors, but Eric low-key contracts the assistance of Gareth Laugharne and his partner Marie Renaud to get to Derick first and convince him to do a Clean Sweep Protocol to erase the Axis I time and alter his mistakes so he can get off scotch free. Eric is kinda pudgy and has a British accent, and he wears three piece suits to the office because part of success is dressing the part. Eric is bold and outspoken, and he likes Derick because Derick doesn't think less of him for being chubbers or tech support. Eric always wanted to work with computers and is actually pretty brilliant; he has a degree in Quantum Physics from Oxford and a degree in Artificial Engineering from MIT. He usually eats a jelly donut for breakfast while he's working, and has a nearly eidetic memory. Eric has a twisted sense of humor, which speaks to Gareth. Overall, he's a nice enough guy, but he often looks down on his coworkers, especially field workers, since they make fun of the techs and are more like dumb jocks. Eric ends up liking Lesedi after they meet at a later date, but that's a story for another time.

As Lucien Belmont, he is just as brilliant as he is when he's Eric St. James, but grew up with less opportunities. He is an enforcer for the Mob and dates Marguerite Villeneuve, despite knowing that she is in love with Gareth Laugharne. He deeply cares for her anyways, and they live together while attending Georgia Tech. He works on cars for fun and as part of his job in order to pay for school, and is majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. When Marguerite volunteered for SerenScape's experiment, he joined her and became the pilot for the Requiem. He was originally supposed to be administered the hallucinogens, but Jen swapped his records with Rolf.

Praefectus Descoteaux Edit

A French national and the commanding officer over Eric and Derick. Stereotypical military officer: smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, cusses like a sailor, and has a massive inferiority complex. Classic meathead. Eric looks down on Descoteaux, even though Descoteaux is his superior officer, mostly because he's the clichéd jock-bully type and Eric is an intellectual. His biggest pet peeves are insubordination, inefficiency, and incompetency. He doesn't like Eric, mostly because Eric is insubordinate, but he does respect him. He's just emotionally stunted and can't express his feelings without yelling or venting like he's angry.

High Command Edit

A catch-all term that encapsulates the top brass of KRONO, since it functions a lot like a military organization.

Inductor Stavros Edit

Inductor Stavros is a Greek national and the commanding officer over Praefectus Descoteaux and the WWII division. He oversees all missions and trips between 1939-1945, and in charge of one of the largest divisions within KRONO. Although he is a military man and was promoted due to his rank, he is actually very intelligent. He went into the military to pay his way through university because he came from a poor family, but he managed to attain recognition even though he's more of a scholar at heart. He's also on the sensitive side and is more quiet, but he can get pretty fiery and intense.

Generalis Novak Edit

A Serbian national and General of the entire 20th century. Commanding officer of Inductor Stavros. Speaks with a thick accent, because he's not using a Vox like everyone else. So when their Voxes translate what he says, he ends up having an accent. He's middle-aged and old-fashioned, and he's the epitome of the calm, collected military officer.

Imperator Kholodov Edit

Head of KRONO for the European Collective (the future version of the EU). Ancient and Russian. Ex KGB or FSB (no one really knows and no one wants to ask.). Highly decorated, and served in the last war of the Continent before KRONO was created to serve as a peace-keeping organization, along with other militant peacekeeping organizations.