The Astrum Infinitum Project Edit

An ongoing project about time-travellers, dimension-jumpers, and romance during WWII... or is it?


The general premise is that Derick Stern, the commandant of the Krakow-Plaszow Concentration Camp, is a time-traveller cop known as a Krono. He was supposed to police time-travellers and maintain the Butterfly Mandate, which dictates that history should not be tampered with. However, he fails this mandate and becomes a Sturmbannführer in the SS and is promoted to Commandant of the camp. Derick's meddling with time causes the timeline to diverge from the Prime X timeline (our present time as we know it), and Derick creates the Axis I timeline. Derick's position also causes him to meet and fall in love with Ruth Kruckel, a prisoner at the camp. His relationship with Ruth further complicates the timeline, since she was supposed to commit suicide in the winter of 1944. Now his fellow Kronos can't arrest him, since he has created an entirely new timeline where Kronos don't exist.

Lucky for the Kronos, another timeline exists parallel to their own, where dimension jumping is possible and illegal. Derick's handler and best friend, Eric St. Clair, contracts the assistance of Gareth Laugharne and his mutant partner, Marie Renaud, to act as Infinitors - parallel dimension police - to capture Derick Stern and bring him to justice for breaking the Butterfly Mandate. It becomes a race across time and space for Derick and Ruth and Gareth and Marie, and not everything is as it seems in this plot-twisting and mind-bending romance.

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